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I do a lot of speaking and writing on the subject of natural health and medicine. Why? Because I care about humanity; and I’m appalled at the way my fellow-humans are treated like herd-animals by the medical establishment. Yet, my message often seems to fall on deaf ears. I believe there are two-reasons for this. First, when anyone starts speaking about medicine, or health care, most people think they aren’t smart enough to listen and benefit; and, second, those who do think they’re smart enough to listen to such information already think they know what is and what isn’t true, correct, real, possible, or accurate. In other words, the people I most want to help don’t think they’re smart enough to take responsibility for their own health; and the doctors who could easily grasp what I’m saying have no reason to try – because their businesses would in no way benefit from a comprehensive, public understanding of how the body actually works. There is a big difference in being in the public health care business and caring about public health. But what if someone told you that modern medicine has inherent, fatal flaws – and most of what your doctor “knows” about how the human body operates is simply wrong?

Modern medicine is primarily based on a reductionist view of biology – which has long been known to be a woefully inaccurate way of looking at life – and on the “germ theory of disease,” as put forth by Louis Pasteur (who later admitted that he was mostly wrong about his conclusions). In other words, your doctor’s office is built on a foundation of shifting sand; and it is only shored-up by the bags of money – and dead bodies – this dangerous system of health care was designed to generate. This may sound like a harsh indictment; but murder is murder. And, you can only claim ignorance for so long – especially when your entire business is supposed to be based on what and how much you know about human life. There are two simple examples I often share that highlight the need for deeper thought in the area of human health; and every doctor knows about these – whether they think about them, or not.

The first example is in the story of Louis Pasteur, a man we all know because of his work with vaccinations, sterilization, and “Pasteurization” of milk and other food products – along with his germ theory. There’s no doubt that Louis Pasteur was a good man who cared about people; and there’s no doubt that his contributions to the world are valuable. But, Louis Pasteur had a colleague named Claude Bernard, who didn’t completely agree with Pasteur’s findings about germs. Bernard’s opinion – which is held and supported by the most modern sciences on the planet – was that “terrain is everything.” In other words, germs cannot make a person sick unless the person’s body (terrain) supports illness. To prove this, Bernard drank a glass of water infected with cholera – and did not get sick! Bernard knew he didn’t get sick because he was healthy, had a strong immune system, and didn’t believe he had a reason to get sick. Pasteur said that his colleague was simply, “Lucky.” What the heck kind of science is that?! Luck? Luck is how Pasteur explained away Prima Facie evidence that germs alone wouldn’t make a person sick?

If you’ve ever been to the doctor’s office, or a hospital, you’ve seen additional evidence of Claude Bernard’s demonstration. Doctors walk around – all day every day – surrounded by, interacting with, touching and breathing the germs of, sick people; and they do it without getting sick. Seriously, who would want to be a doctor if germs could really make you sick? You need to think about this on your own if you have a religious trust of the medical/pharmaceutical establishment. And, while you’re at it, think about placebos, as well.

That’s right; placebos are yet another example of how medical science is about as “un-scientific” as you can get. A placebo is essentially a remedy that has no known curative properties or medical value – other than as a control. Placebos – usually a sugar-pill or an injection of sterile water – are often used in double-blind drug trials where a new drug is tested against a placebo, or “fake drug,” to demonstrate a cure-rate above that which would be experienced if nothing at all were done for the patient. Unfortunately for the pharmaceutical companies, just the idea that you have to pretend you’re doing something for the patient reveals the underlying awareness that what the patient thinks matters. The only way to test the cure-rate of people not receiving treatment is to offer them NO treatment at all. Doctors running these drug trials realize that people who receive no treatment at all are aware of this fact and don’t expect to get better; yet they must have something to compare their data to. So they simulate every part of the treatment – with the only difference being what is actually inside the pill they dispense to the control group. And guess what… That’s right; people taking the sugar-pills consistently get better at about the same rate as those taking the “real” drug. The only difference being the “side-effects” caused by the chemicals passed-off as medicine by the pharmaceutical companies. Drugs are dangerous, placebos aren’t; and they both work on the same things – drug trials have proven this over and over again. And there’s no way to prove that the “real” drugs aren’t working for the same reason placebos do — even though they cause additional physiological changes. It is just more convenient — and profitable — to assume and claim that something more is happening.

Certainly, modern medicine has saved lives. But at what cost? The faithful masses are quick to shout out, “But I know drugs work! They helped me!” But these folks don’t read the studies that reveal modern, pharmaceutical-based medicine as the third-leading killer of Americans – even though only an estimated 2% of all Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR’s) are ever reported to the FDA. If all ADR’s were recognized and reported, Western Medicine could conceivably be the most deadly threat humans have ever faced – by far. But our economy is based on the medical establishment, drug companies, insurance companies, and the jobs, profits, and kick-backs these things provide; so, let’s keep ignoring the facts and keep looking elsewhere for answers, shall we?

The average person is getting smarter and smarter. The Internet is making new information – and old information – more and more available to the consuming public. Could this be why over 51% of a nation conditioned to run to the doctor’s office and drug store when they feel the slightest discomfort have turned to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and why the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has dedicated an entire branch to the study of CAM? I’m sure things got the way they are due to good intentions; but for them to stay this way is the result of ignorance, greed, or the perceived need for population control. In any event, if you want to become a statistic or a herd-animal, just go on about your daily routine without thinking about the things that are truly important to you. Otherwise, wake-up, stay awake, and learn to think for yourself. Your health – and your life – depends on it.

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One of the most challenging decisions you will face after choosing your wedding gown is your style of hair. Keep in mind that while you might have thought you wanted to wear your hair up, but once you choose your dress, this might no longer be the best option. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect wedding hairstyle.

It’s a good idea to start by having several hairstyle choices in mind so you can coordinate with the theme of the wedding, along with style of the gown. One of the best ways to gain ideas on hairstyles is by looking through glamour type magazines, bridal magazines, or even visiting with the stylist that will actually create the style for you.

As mentioned, the style of the wedding gown should play an important role in the hairstyle. As an example, if you decide to go with a princess ball gown, then soft, flowing ringlets would be gorgeous. However, if the wedding gown is an off the shoulder or backless design, then wearing your hair up might be most appropriate.

Another important decision is the stylist you select. If you plan to be married locally, chances are you have a favorite stylist, but the key here is to make sure this person knows how to create styles for weddings. In other words, just because a stylist is talented in coloring or cutting hair, he or she may not have the appropriate skill in creating wedding hairstyles. If your wedding is a ‘destination wedding’, out of state or country, it is important to take photographs of what you want before trying to find someone at that location.

Unfortunately, many brides make a common mistake in using the wedding day as a time of experiment. It’s normally not a good idea to make major changes to your hair regarding a permanent or coloring until after the wedding date. In addition, having too much done on your hair within six months before the wedding could cause damage to the hair.

If you plan to wear your hair up, avoid having the top layers of your hair colored or highlighted. Although this coloring is gorgeous when your hair is down, once worn up, the two- or three-tone coloring will look odd. If your hair is thin, then talk to your hair stylist about adding clip-on extensions to create volume or length. Typically, a bride wants something special or unique for her wedding day, which is fine, but be careful not to go too over the top.

Finally, have your hair stylist try various styles months prior to your wedding. This way, the stylist will have the opportunity to “practice”, getting the look exactly as you want. In addition, having various styles created ahead of time allows you the chance to make changes or adjustments if need be.

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There are many beauty tips available for the skincare-conscious person. Numerous beauty products lend to great looking skin. One major tip to follow is always be persistent. Even the best eye cream or other product will not give you results unless you use it on a regular basis. This is especially true for anti-wrinkle and anti-acne creams and cleansers. Continuous use is always the best way to achieve amazing looking skin.

Beauty products that can be used should always be natural and/or organic. Natural soap is a great alternative to other, more synthetic brands. Natural soap is made from only natural ingredients such as herbs, milk, and oils. Natural soap will not contain any harmful ingredients that can dry out and harm your delicate skin. People with sensitive skin and allergies will usually benefit from using a natural soap. Some forms of natural soap may even contain oatmeal, sugar, or salt which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Dead sea mud is another one of the natural beauty products available. The dead sea mud contains healthy minerals found deep within the sea bed’s crust. Dead sea mud has been used for hundreds of years to treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Dead sea mud is extracted from the dead sea, which is a geographical health spa to many. The bottom of the sea is rich and full of essential minerals that calm the skin of even the most sensitive individuals. Applying dead sea mud will bring any toxins to the surface of your skin to be removed and leave your body looking beautiful and fresh. Many people swear by using dead sea mud.

Besides using natural soap to cleanse your body and face with, you may also want to use a good quality eye cream. An eye cream is designed to work around the delicate skin of the eye area and reduce puffiness and wrinkles. Anyone who is looking for good anti-aging beauty products should seek a high quality eye cream. One of the many beauty tips available would be to use your eye cream at night. During the night, our skin repairs itself. Almost all beauty products that are used on the face will work better at night, and this goes for an eye cream as well as any other beauty products. Eye creams that are made using natural and high quality ingredients are usually the best. Certain chemicals in beauty products may actually cause free radicals to form. Free radicals refers to damage to the skin that is found in air pollution, cleaning products, and certain facial creams and cleansers.

Many beauty tips are available to people looking to feel younger and more beautiful. As stated before, one of the major beauty tips would be to use a product consistently. Always read product reviews before purchasing any cream or cleanser. People will often be unbiased when reviewing beauty tips and products. Making use of these beauty tips in your life will allow you to look your absolute best.

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Who would’ve guessed that the collapse of the “Evil Empire” and Communist Eastern Europe would trigger a rise in chronic disease and cardiovascular deaths? And who would guess that exotic life-enhancing substances in olive oil and pulp are rapidly becoming one of a number of “super foods” capable of boosting your immune system and helping you create chronic disease defenses?

Daily life meant poor quality foodstuffs along with absorbing unimaginable levels of environmental toxins. Mounting research data confirms that the heavy-handed state sponsored environmental decay left the people in an extreme at-risk state. Results? People’s bodies were swarming with free radicals, busily munching on and corrupting cells, leaving people vulnerable to a host of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease, along with shortened lives.

What Are The Magic Essences Creating The Olive Oil Health Benefit? Inside many of the domesticated plants commonly eaten by people and animals are unique highly active compounds called polyphenols. Roughly 8,000 of these compounds have been identified. These polyphenol substances occur in a second phase of plant metabolism and offer the plant vital protection against premature break-down, rancidity and cell-damaging oxidation.

Olive Oil And The Other Antioxidant Super Foods. Think of these warrior antioxidant compounds when you look at grains such as barley and sorghum, fruits like olives apples apricots pears, dry beans and peas, blackberries cranberries grapes strawberries, teas and wine, veggies such as onions celery parsley and cabbage.

Benefit Of Olive Oil – Cholesterol And Heart Disease. By now you’re up on the role of healthy versus unhealthy fats in the blood. In the case of LDL (low density lipo-proteins) associated with cholesterol plaque-like build up in your vascular system, olive oil and its rich brew of antioxidant polyphenols, when taken daily along with a glass of wine and breads like the Mediterranean Diet directs, inhibits this process. Result? You eat like you’re living in Portugal or Italy, yet you’ll feel and look healthier.

Beating Back Microbes – More Benefits Of Olive Oil. Take some of the worst bad guys of intestinal infection, like salmonella or cholera or even staphylococcus, then watch them “take it on the chin” when oil antioxidant polyphenols are added! If you or your pet want to promote intestinal health, and keep pests and microbes at bay, then eating extra virgin oil (cold pressed un-refined) or pulp can hardly be matched for it protective powers.

Olive Oil Protecting Your From Passive Smoke Risks. You don’t buy cigarettes yet you smoke! Yes, there’s always someone, somewhere who lights up and then shares all these nasty airborne carcinogens with the rest of us who just happen to need to breath. Solution? A raft of recent health studies show that eating olive oil rich in these antioxidants will help you to reduce ” oxidative stress” associated with secondary smoke.

Benefit Of Olive Oil For Skin Damage. Looking for the “perfect tan”? If so, then you might also start an incremental process of self-destruction within your outer layer of skin cells. Excess sun and ultraviolet light cause skin cells to break-down, which releases a host of nasty compounds variously described as “free radicals”. Do nothing and these substances gnaw away at your immune system and cause all sorts of health risks. Fortunately olive oil and its array of antioxidant polyphenols can counter these free radicals, aggressively hunting down and destroying free radical better than any other substance.

Your Joints – Getting The Olive Oil Health Benefit For Daily Life. New studies show that oil or pulp and water are new miracle workers in terms of your joint health. Walking, hanging onto objects, stretching… just about all movements were enhanced when people consumed olive oil.

Which Olive Oil Works Best? Getting the oil health benefit means being a smart shopper. Buy extra virgin cold press oil, which can contain up to 80 parts per million of antioxidant polyphenols as compared to “refined oil” which reformulates inferior grade oil via high heat and charcoal filtering, however results in only 5 parts per million of antioxidant polyphenols. Remember to buy the “youngest” shelf-dated olive oil, and one that has been stored properly.

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There are many people who bet on important sports events. Online sports betting is all about predicting and betting on the sports results. Many people all over the world bet in this type of gambling. In the past, betting was done at the site when the game was going on. With the advancement of technology, people took to online betting sitting in front of the computer at the comfort of their house. This type of gambling has become increasingly popular among the betters because of the benefits that it provides. There are innumerable sites powered by software application that promote sports betting live on the web. Some of the popular sites are given below:

1. Bodog Sportsbook: Being a major player in the sports betting industry, Bodog Sportsbook is considered the best underdog lines on the web. It has most of the sports and wagering action from NBA to NFL that are big games and is fully federally licensed by the government of Antigua. It is also well-known for fast payouts, easy withdrawal system, security, customer service excellence and sports betting options. It provides limitless betting options ranging from multi sport parlays to player and team props.

2. Sportsbook.com: Since its inception in 1998, Sportsbook.com has been a popular online sports betting site. Being a premier online sports destination, it has consistently set standards in the industry and has twice won “Sportsbook of the Year” award from eGaming Reviews. It is the biggest online sportsbook in the world that offer online casino, horse racing, poker room and mobile client.

3. Bodog.com Sportsbook: This claimed as the Top Ranked Sportsbook by Insider’s Betting Guide for being the most reliable information source. The customer loyalty programs introduced by Bodog.com are its hallmark as it is the most rewarding one in the industry.

4. Players Only: Players only is one of the best poker games available on the net. Loaded with Play Aces software, it offers many features, games and top class customer service.

5. SuperBook.com: This is the nice online betting destination to bet on the NFL or NBA. This site has the record turnover of active users and is featured in all the popular channels like CNN, ESPN, Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Financial Times, USA Today, etc.

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Just like elliptical exercise equipment, exercise rowing machine is also one of the effective training equipments for those who are aiming for full body health benefits. This is because this machine provides total body workout. You can see that people whose favorite sport is rowing are very strong and physically fit. This is because rowing works every muscle from the lower body to the upper body, thus a complete workout.

The exercise rowing machine is best for any exercise goals that you have, whether it’s for gaining a few pounds, building up muscles, improving aerobic capacity, losing weight, enhancing strength and stamina and for cardiovascular purposes. These indoor rowers, as some may call it, integrate the technique used in actual rowing and work almost the same way.

The most popular types of this particular fitness equipment are water and air rowing machines. There are also magnetic and hydraulic resistance rowing machines that are for sale. The brands or models you can choose from include Kettler, Stamina, Rowbics, Bodycraft, Concept 2 (C2), Delta and many others. Be sure to read the accompanying reviews, ratings and recommendations for you to understand and choose the better the one to go for.

Apart from full body workout, another good thing about this machine is that it offers low impact exercise which means you won’t have to worry having pains in your joints, muscles and tissues after the workout. This problem is mostly caused by high impact exercises of other training tools which can be very inconvenient and dangerous to the body in the long run.

Another problem brought by some tools involves injuries and pains of the lower back. The opposite happens when you are using indoor rowers because instead of damaging the lower back, the exercise routine strengthens it. This is the reason why some prefer this machine over others.

When you are using an exercise machine, you want the whole experience to be fun and easy and of course safe. You will enjoy those benefits with indoor rowers. Space won’t be a problem either because the said tool won’t take up a lot of area in your room, just enough for the machine to be set up.

Exercise rowing machines are indeed capable of providing a common individual full body health benefits. So if you are going to buy one, maybe for your home gym, see to it that you have covered all the details from seller information, product details and reviews, customer feedback and price variations. That way, you can be sure to get only the product that’s very much worthy of your hard-earned money.

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For most of us we would like to achieve the ideal skin tone. Regardless of our skin color we want the most even-toned, smooth and wrinkle free complexion. Unfortunately there are many factors that can make that hard to achieve such as hereditary, sun exposure, unhealthy lifestyle habits and not using top quality skin care products. Here are some skin beauty tips to help you stay focus on achieving beautiful skin.

The Use of Sunscreen

To keep your skin in healthy condition you need to apply sunscreen on a regular basis. Use sunscreen of SPF 30 before going into the sun and if you plan on spending several hours in the sun re-apply every two hours to ensure optimum coverage. The sun’s UV rays can alter your pigmentation as excessive exposure to the sun will cause you to produce more melanin thereby increasing your chance of age spots and wrinkles.

Creams that contain Extrapone Nutgrass can be extremely effective in removing skin discoloration and lightening the skin. Extrapone Nutgrass when applied to the skin can inhibit melanin production by up to 40% thereby lessening the chance of age spot melasma or freckles. Extrapone Nutgrass is available in a special skin whitening cream that can be purchase online.

Lifestyle Changes

Other skin beauty tips will also include changes in your daily eating habits. It is important to feed your body with lots of nutrients such as antioxidants to help fight free radicals which destroys your body’s collagen and elastin levels. Free radicals also break down your body’s ability to repair itself and to reproduce new skin cells at a faster pace.

Eating high Omega3 fatty acids foods is essential for healthy skin. Foods high in Omega3 fatty acids are fish and vegetables. Look for fish such as mackerel, salmon, sardines and hoki. These are fatty fish which have been proven to contain the level of omega3 that your body needs.

Drinking plenty of water daily is also a healthy habit. The recommended daily amount is 8 glasses. However drinking 6 glasses will do the trick as well. Water helps your body to eliminate toxins which will in turn reflect on the appearance of your skin.

The Use of Natural Skin Care Products

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to use natural products. If you want deep down rejuvenation this is one of the easiest way to accomplish this. Natural products will work in harmony with your skin’s natural make-up. You will not suffer any side effects and you know that whatever you put on your skin will eventually be absorbed into your system. Therefore it is vital to only apply natural substances to your skin.

Following these skin beauty tips will make your life easier and will greatly enhance the appearance of your skin. Just find natural products and consistently use them and you will be pleased at the result you accomplish in a matter of a few weeks.

Visit my website to learn more about natural skin care products and how they can work to rejuvenate your skin.

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Magazine and television advertising focuses almost entirely on beauty products that contain synthetic chemicals, some of which may cause health problems later in life, or even sooner if you are unfortunate. Some advertisements, of course, promote surgery as a means to “improve”, sometimes with disastrous results for the patient. Surely, there are some natural ways to maintain your already existent natural beauty; and maybe even provide some anti-aging protection at the same time?

Here are a few natural beauty tips that you may not have considered, or never taken seriously before, for which you do not need to visit a store and open your purse:

1. Water as Your Number One Beauty Ally

Even the least scientific amongst us probably know that the human body is made up of a large proportion of water; and that includes your skin. Common sense then tells us that we need to drink a large amount of water.

Did you also know that if the body has any sort of problem, internal or external, it requires extra free water in order to repair the damage? That is water, not juice or any water contaminated with caffeine, sugar or any other substance. Even a beautiful woman who is sick becomes less beautiful; if her skin starts to become damaged, she looks her beauty wanes. Water is an essential to the necessary repair and your overall health.

Very few people drink enough water, and one doctor at least argues that chronic dehydration is the root cause of many medical problems, including ulcers, cancers, and heart “disease”. Have a look at watercure.com to learn more.

2. Work on Your Inner Peace and Happiness

People who worry about their looks too much are often adding to the problem, if indeed there is a problem. Being discontent and worried itself can cause you to look strained and older. Millions automatically reach for one of the magic chemical potions they see advertised on television, or look to the Yellow Pages to book a facelift. Instead, the starting point could be to improve the way you feel about yourself from the inside. That will reflect on the outside over time. The eyes of an unhappy person lose their sparkle, and their beauty can be destroyed.

3. Sleep, the Natural Healer

The human body is in a constant state of renewal, both inside and outside. That renewal, and repair, goes on 24 hours a day, but while you are asleep there are no distractions of activity, and no exhausting demands. Your immune system is able to work unhindered while you are asleep, keeping you at the peak of health. If you are at the peak of health, your natural beauty lasts longer. You really do need your beauty sleep; that is one of the wisest and most accurate sayings of all time. People’s needs vary, but 7 or 8 hours uninterrupted sleep is probably what you need for peek health.

There are, of course, many more things you can do to preserve and prolong your natural beauty, but the above three should be at the core of your beauty care all the while.

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With concerns about maintaining healthy skin, hair, nails and premature aging prevention, paying attention to internal and external beauty practices becomes more and more important. We all love it or would love it if people told us that we look younger than our age. In order to get these compliments, taking care of our skins becomes crucial. Here are 10 beauty tips and skincare tips to live by to get the most from your skin.

There are many more beauty and skincare tips than the 10 below these are a good starting point.

1. It is important to determine your skin type and use the products geared towards your skin type. Many skincare specialists create product lines targeted towards dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, combination skin or sensitive. You should determine what your skin type is first in order to know which skincare products work best for your skin.

2. Your skin needs to be kept moisturized. This goes beyond using a good moisturizing cream. It starts with drinking plenty of water. Six to ten glasses of water are recommended every day to keep the cells in the body moisturized. Our skin is made up of millions of cells and keeping these moisturized on a daily basis is the difference between your skin looking supple or dry and dehydrated which will cause it to age prematurely.

3. Daily cleansing one to two times a day is very important. This gets rid of dirt and grime that will clog your pores as well as other environmental pollutants from your skin. When cleansing, use lukewarm water. Hot or cold water can damage your skin.

4. Handle your skin with care. Overly aggressive body and facial scrubs and exfoliants can tear the skin and damage your skin. Be gentle, after all it’s your skin. Use scrubs and exfoliants two to three times a week and use the gentle kind that will not tear the skin but will only remove dead skin cells. Take care not to apply too many skin care products that will only clog your pores.

5. Once you determine your skin type, find a good moisturizer that will keep your skin moist. Moisturizing is a very important step. Do not let your skin become dry otherwise your skin will break or tear which becomes unattractive. Apply moisturizers when the skin is still slightly damp.

6. Do not use soaps on your face because they will excessively strip your skin of oil leaving it dry and vulnerable. They may also leave a layer of soap scum on your face which is detrimental to a good skin and beauty care routine. Cleansers are the best for your face and neck.

7. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Make sure that you apply sunscreen on a daily basis rain or shine to protect your skin from the aging and harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Black skin also needs sunscreen to be applied although the melanin content on black skin has an intrinsic SPF of about 10 to 11 which is still not enough to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays. The sunscreen can be included in the moisturizer or applied separately after moisturizer. The sunscreen should be of at least SPF 15.

8. Exercise and maintaining a healthy diet is good for the body and the skin. Getting adequate sleep is also important for maintaining healthy skin. Sleep deprivation leads to premature wrinkling especially around the eyes. Exercise and adequate sleep helps you beat the aging effects of stress.

9. Skin problems such as breakouts, etc, should be treated with care. Do not ignore any issues that you have with your skin. Visit a dermatologist so that you are prescribed an effective skin care product or oral medication to address the problem timely.

10. Stress is very harmful to the skin and your overall well being so every effort should be made to reduce stress. Take an aromatherapy bath containing a few drops of essential oils like lavender that will help you combat stress and cultivate a balanced mood and improve your overall well being. Meditate, exercise or chant to rid your body of stress. Get a good night’s sleep.

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Massage therapy is a type of alternative healing that incorporates the use of body massaging to help heal the body of tension, stress, and pain. In many cases, the simple applying of pressure to specific areas of the body can relieve sore and aching muscles, and help individuals enter a complete state of relaxation. Beyond the physical benefits, massage also helps to minimize mental stress and improves the overall health in many areas of the body. Body massages can be considered a luxurious treat for some, while others consider this a necessary part of their weekly exercise and health regime.

Massage therapy targets several areas of the body including muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues. By applying simple massage techniques to these various body parts, a certified therapist can help heal injuries, help minimize and manage pain while relieving mental pressure and stress. In addition to relieving tension within various body parts, massage also helps to improve circulation as well. It can be applied to the entire body, or just a specific area depending on individuals’ specific needs.

Individuals looking to become a certified massage therapist will need to complete a thorough educational training program. Massage therapists study basic formations of the body, how the body works, as well as the location of specific muscles. In school, students will learn to apply massage techniques in order to treat the specific needs of future patients. Through numerous forms of massage, individuals typically experience a complete state of soothing comfort and relaxation.

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